Let it RAIN

On far too many nights a week Harrison, my three year old son, reappears in our kitchen five or ten minutes after we put him to bed. It drives me nuts. At that point Robin and I are just sitting down to our own dinner and are having a chance to talk without simultaneously playing […]

Tabula Rasa

When students return to campus on Tuesday things will feel largely the same.  Most classes will continue on where they left off on Thursday. The year will not be “new” as it was in August or even earlier in January. There is an important change that happens, though, over this four day weekend–the semester ends. […]

Maintenance And Mission

Early this week I spent time drafting the job description that we will use to hire the next Head of Middle School at Crystal. As I reflected on my job responsibilities, I realized that they could all be categorized as either maintenance-related or mission-related. Week to week and month to month, I do certain things […]

Teachable Moment

On Wednesday morning I told the middle school students that I will be leaving Crystal at the end of this school year to be the Head of School at Mount Tamalpais School (MTS) in Mill Valley. After briefly describing the school, I used the gathering as a moment to share three things that I have […]

Our 350 Children

Head of Upper School Kelly Sortino and I share many things in common. We like to take action, solve a problem, and check something off the to do list. We prefer “completed” to “in process.” We both also thrive on feedback, often passing over praise for specific suggestions about ways to get better. For all […]

Camus and Communications

My freshman year in college I thought I was deep. I took classes on Zen Buddhism, Christian philosophy, and environmental science and loved to talk about how these disparate subjects were “inextricably linked.” Man, was I deep. While much of the knowledge I quoted in my “deep” phase is now so deep in my memory […]

Who Do You Help?

My inbox is regularly bombarded with LinkedIn invitations from recent Crystal alums wanting to grow their professional network. Every month or so I go to LinkedIn and confirm those connections and take some time to read the professional articles that appear on my landing page. While many of them do not resonate, there was one […]

Keep it Simple

A few weeks ago we hosted our Food, Folks and Fun BBQ. It is one of my favorite events of the year. Though it is one of the few Crystal traditions that is entirely a middle school event, that is not the reason that I love it so much. I love Food, Folks and Fun because […]

Getting Him to Talk

With a nourvocited–a family word for feeling both nervous and excited–expression on his face, Harrison entered preschool for the first time on Tuesday. After texting photos to Robin, I walked home reflecting on how we have just taken another important step in our lives as parents. Later, driving to school, I realized that starting Tuesday […]

Get There Early

The start of the school year is so exciting for students. For most it is not the new novel to read in English or the new formula to learn in math that brings them flying in the door the first day. The real draw is the other students. After a summer away everyone wants to […]