1 AM Moment

This summer Robin, my wife, Harrison, our two year old son, and I went camping for five nights in the Sierra Buttes and Lassen National Park. As we packed the car with our six-person, two-room tent (the result of a scarring camping trip failure last October), camp chairs, Portacrib, cooking gear, backpacks and a few [...]

Teva Tan

When I was in middle school the Teva sandal defined my summer. I knew summer was on the horizon when the box from LL Bean arrived with a new pair of Tevas sized for my growing feet. One summer I wanted royal blue, the next black, and then my favorites were the forest green. Throughout [...]

Finland’s Second Lesson

The most interesting thing I learned on my recent professional development trip to Finland is that they too have helicopter parents. They have a much better term though, “curling parents.” Like the Canadians (and Finns?) who dominate the most esoteric ice sport during the Olympics, these parents are vigorously brushing the ice so that the [...]

Sex and Grades

Next week Crystal students and families will see the third set of grades and comments for the school year. I heard some great advice on the topic last week from Deborah Roffman, the Common Ground speaker, who addresses educators about student sexuality. Sex and grades? Roffman believes that healthy adolescent development, including sexual development, requires [...]