ISIS, Latin & Middle School

I loved studying Latin. Throughout high school I only had one Latin teacher, Alex Banay, who was also my advisor and in loco (boarding school) parentis. I long attributed my love of Latin to Alex but could not put my finger on why I loved her class. In his recent “The Good Order” opinion piece, [...]

Middle School on the Field

Okay, I will admit it.  Sometimes I don’t have the necessary inspiration for a TGIAM essay on Wednesday, the day that I write.  Today was one of those days.  Luckily my colleagues provided the fodder for this week’s essay over lunch.  The subject?  Middle school softball. Almost everyone at the table had seen a game or [...]

Help Before Yelp

Last week I promised that “Wow, that sounds hard” would solve all your middle school woes. While many of you have shared your success stories with those four words, I do understand that you might eventually have to help your student move to action. Rather than Facebook, this week I am turning to another font [...]

Four Words

My Facebook page is regularly covered with photos and videos of toddlers. I, of course, contribute to this phenomenon. (The photos of Harrison wearing my baseball hat on our hike was too good not to share!) This weekend, though, I was lured away from Facebook by an Atlantic article that seemed to offer important life [...]

Wonderkill to Wonderful

You never know where and when you are going to learn something. I spent one weekend in July floating down the American River with a crew of friends celebrating our friend Matt’s impending wedding. Yup, a bachelor party. And, yes, I learned something worthy of a TGIAM essay on a bachelor party. As we drifted [...]

1 AM Moment

This summer Robin, my wife, Harrison, our two year old son, and I went camping for five nights in the Sierra Buttes and Lassen National Park. As we packed the car with our six-person, two-room tent (the result of a scarring camping trip failure last October), camp chairs, Portacrib, cooking gear, backpacks and a few [...]